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No : D.11014/CSS/FSL/14-DGP/32


Issue Date : 27 Jun 2014
Open Date: 07 Jul 2014 02:00pm
Last Date of Submission: 11 Jul 2014 12:00pm

Corrigendum in connection with Tender Notice No.D.11014/CSS/FSL/14-DGP/32 Dt. 29.5.2014 on Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS).

1. Under specification point No.4, sub-section called 'Quadrupole Mass Analyser', the sentence - "The main Quadrupole rods should be non-coated, homogeneous, Molybdenum and cleanable" must be omitted.

2. Under specification point No.4,sub-section called 'Chemical Ionization' and its content should be omitted.

3. Under specification point No. 6, 'Column', the existing columns should be changed with the following 4 (four) columns:-
(i) 5MS - 30m x 0.25mm id x 0.25um - General applications, pesticides, drugs of abuse, PAH, etc.
(ii) WAXMS A - 30Mm x 0.25mm id x .025um - Organic Acids, Free fatty Acids, alcohols.
(iii) 624 - 30m x 0.32mm id x 1.8um - Blood Alcohol.
(iv) WAX MS - 30m x 0.25mm id x 0.25um - Flavour and essential oils, FAMES, Solvent, etc.

4. Under specification point No. 8, 'Accessories / Pre-requisites', the sentence - "Methane Cylinders (10 Litres capacity each) (For CI Operation) - High pure with double stage regulator", must be omitted.

Last date of submission is extended on 11.7.2014.

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