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Power & Electricity Department (Office of Engineer-in Chief)
No : G.20014/4/15-E-in-C(P)/T&R/8

Notice Inviting Tender

Issue Date : 05 Sep 2016
Open Date: 16 Sep 2016 02:00pm
Last Date of Submission: 16 Sep 2016 01:00pm

The Engineer-in-Chief, Power & Electricity Department on behalf of the Governor of Mizoram invites sealed Tender for Appointment of "Project Management Agency (PMA)" for implementation of IPDS in 6 (Six) towns of Mizoram viz. Vairengte, Kawnpui, Mamit, Thenzawl, Hnahthial and Khawhai and DDUGJY in 8 (eight) Districts of Mizoram from the Central Public Sector Undertakings or Firms/Organizations having experience for Project Management.


  1. Tender.pdf
No : 1 of 2016-17

Notice Inviting Tender

Issue Date : 08 Sep 2016
Open Date: 21 Oct 2016 02:00pm
Last Date of Submission: 21 Oct 2016 01:00pm

Superintending Engineer, Mizoram State Load Despatch Centre Circle, P&E Department, Government of Mizoram on behalf of the Governor of Mizoram, invites sealed tenders from reputed manufacturers or their authorized dealers affixing non-refundable court fee stamp worth Rs. 8.25 (Rupees eight and twenty five paise) only in case of non-tribal tenderers and valid house tax payee certificate in case of tribal tenderers for supply and testing/commissioning of Diagnostic Tools for Renovation & Upgradation of Protection System of 132kV Sub-Stations in the State of Mizoram.


  1. 1. Tender for DG Tools 2016 - Terms & Conditions siamthat - Copy.docx
  2. 2. Technical Specifications (Section I-XIX.docx
  3. 3.GTP (Schedule I-XIX).docx
  4. 4. Annexure-I-List of DG Tools & Earnest money.xlsx
  5. 5. Annexure-II-Schedule of prices.xlsx
  6. 6. Annexure-III-Schedule of Deviation.xlsx
  7. 7. Annexure-IV-Proforma Performance Bank Guarantee.doc
  8. NIT No.-1 of 2016-2017.docx
  9. tender cover.doc
Power & Electricity Department (Office of Engineer-in Chief)
No : G.20014/4/15-E-in-CC/T&R/10

AMENDMENT of NIT No.G.20014/4/15-E-in-CC/T&R/8 Dt. 5.9.2016

Issue Date : 19 Sep 2016
Open Date: 07 Oct 2016 02:00pm
Last Date of Submission: 07 Oct 2016 01:00pm

In continuation to the Office of Engineer-in Chief Notice Inviting for Appointment of Project Management Agency (PMA) for implementation of IPDS in six (6) towns and DDUGJY in eight (8) districts of Mizoram vide No.G.20014/4/15-E-in-CC/T&R/8 dt. 5.9.2016, the last date for submission of bid documents is hereby extended upto 7th October, 2016 1:00pm and the same will be opened on 2:00pm of the same date. All other terms and conditions remains same.


  1. Ammendment PMA(IPDS & DDUGJY).jpg
Superintending Engineer, Project Circle - II
No : T.19011/6/2011-SE(P-II)/40

RE-INVITATION OF TENDER No. I of 2016 - 2017

Issue Date : 20 Sep 2016
Open Date: 24 Nov 2016 01:00pm
Last Date of Submission: 24 Nov 2016 12:00pm

The Superintending Engineer, Project Circle-II, Power & Electricity Department, on behalf of the Governor of Mizoram Re-invites sealed tenders in two envelopes system consisting of Technical bid as envelope-I and commercial bid as envelope-II from reputed firms/contractors registered with Central/State/Public Sector Organization (including joint venture organization) for the work of Design, manufacture, test at works, supply, delivery at site, erection, testing at site and commissioning of the Electro-Mechanical equipments and 3.3/33kV Step-up Substation of 2x2MW, Kawlbem Small Hydel Project.Bid documents can be obtained from the office of the undersigned during office working hours w.e.f. dt. 20.9.2016 to dt. 4.10.2016 against formal request on payment of the cost of Bid documents by Cash / Demand Draft in favour of Superintending Engineer, Project Circle-II


  1. 1. NIT.docx
  2. 3. Conditions of Contract (Section I - IV).docx
  3. 4. Annexures.xlsx
  4. 5. techincal data sheets (Section V).docx
  5. 6. Forms (Appendix I-III).docx
  6. 7. Qualifying (Appendix-IV.docx
  7. 8. Schedule of Items and Prices.xlsx
  8. 9. Model SLD.vsd
  9. Abreviated NIT.docx
  10. Cover.docx
State Council of Educational Reaserch & Training (SCERT)
No : No. A.33024/43/2012-DTE (SCERT) Dt 23/9/ 2016

Tender Notice for Printing of Textbooks

Issue Date : 23 Sep 2016
Open Date: 17 Oct 2016 01:00pm
Last Date of Submission: 17 Oct 2016 12:00pm

Tender Notice for Printing of Elementary School Textbooks 2017-'18


  1. SCERT tender 2017-18.pdf

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